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Sunday, 31 March 2013

1995 International

As the 1994 International was the first with the current judging categories (Music, Presentation and Singing), the 1995 International will be the first in the series to feature the most "most improved" calculations.

  1. Ambassadors of Harmony +3.45%
  2. Great Northern Union +2.80%
  3. Alexandria Harmonizers +0.15%
  4. Big Chicken Chorus -2.02%
  5. New Tradition -2.54%
  6. Thoroughbreds -3.59%
  7. Pot O' Gold Chorus -3.60%
  8. Singing Buckeyes -4.76%
  9. Commodore Perry Chorus -7.28%
  10. City Lights -7.68%

Most improved (barbershop)

The relevant BHA (Barbershop Harmony Australia) contest rules are current as of 11 February 2013. One of the awards they award is known as the "most improved chorus" award, with the current rule ( being as follows:

The most improved chorus is the chorus that has the greatest increase in score between the current contest and the immediately preceding contest. A chorus must have participated in the immediately preceding contest to be eligible for this award.

The aim of a most improved contest is to highlight the contestant that has made the largest improvement in performance since the last contest in the sequence of similar contests

In the series of following blogs, I will calculate scores for International and other barbershop chorus competitions. Calculations will be to two decimal places unless more are necessary to break a tie.